Quantum trading signals/charting figures


This is our new, totally experimental, approach that can be considered as an alternative to cyclical analysis - quantum approach.. We assume that the stock market has a kind of quantum structure. It looks like this approach provides us some valuable information about a future price movement.

Imagine that we hide all price charts in boxes. We do not know how the price moves inside any box, we simply do not care; we even can take this movement as a chaotic one! But - we are very much interested in the moments when the price hits the borders of those boxes. These moments are for us like a notice regarding buy/sell signals or the trend's continuation.

Look at this example:


Here the system makes a buy signal when the price hits the bottom border and a sell signal for the top border of this box.

This is an example of the trend continuation: 


This is how this system works:



So, in brief, we break the price chart onto many boxes and consider the price at the borders of the boxes. Please notice that we discuss a principle here and do not go into details how to make those boxes. And boxes can be of different shapes! We can use round boxes, like on this example:




or triangle boxes like these ones:


The big question is: can we find a figure (=quanta) that reveals some order in stock market's Chaos? Honestly, I do not know. I do not know yet. There are some indirect facts signifying that the stock market has quantum structure. So, in this module we continue our research regarding this subject.

As so far, I recommend to use this module as charting tools that reveal  support resistance levels. Below is a description how you can do that.

After downloading the price history, run this module and click optimize:


In some minutes you get a list of the most profitable models:




Highlight these models one by one and watch on the Main screen how the model works.

You will get different figures:

Support/Resistance levels: