Galactic Center

written by Sergey Tarassov


You can define Galactic Center in Advanced version of Timing Solution software. In order to do that:

1) run Extended version here:


You need it because you should use additional objects.

2) "Options"->"Customize Objects" and follow these steps:

after that you can work with this object in a regular way:

Let say you would like to calculate ULE event "the Sun - conjunction - Galactic Center":

or calculate the composite cycle for the angle between the Moon and Galactic Center:


Galactic Center and stock market

Galactic Center (GC) is some place in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. So far we know not much about GC, and all we can tell about this intriguing place starts with the words "it looks like":

However, there are some things that we know about our Galactic Center for sure. These are facts: the coordinates of GC is 27 degrees of Sagittarius, it is inclined  to the Ecliptic almost to 6 degrees South. It moves very slowly due to the precession of the Ecliptic (1 degree in 70 years).

This is how it moved for the last 50 years:

The small variation is the Annual parallax (half of minute of the arc), when the position of GC changes a bit during the year due to the Earth's rotation around the Sun.

Does it have any impact on human activities, especially on the financial markets? Several times in a month I get this question from our users. I could not find any comprehensive research of this issue, so you may take this article as my answer to this question. I will analyze Dow Jones Industrial Index (DJI) using the data from 1885 till the year 2007. Methods used in this analysis were described on the websites devoted to our programs, so below you find only my research of the most discussed issues. 

 1) Some meaning is assigned to the Sun conjuncting GC. It happens around Christmas. I inclined to consider this time as not suitable for any statistical research. Usually we have Christmas rally (though not in 2007), and there are too many reasons for the corporations and funds to look good  at this particular moment. So there are too many human factors involved, and it looks like these factors are dominating there. I would not accept just one reason for this rally. 

However, let us do the research of this event, "the Sun conjuncts GC". This is the Efficiency Test for it:

It shows that four days after this event the price goes up (82 up against 40 down). 

The big drop before this conjunction is not confirmed statistically (63 down against 60 up):

I think it indicates some nervous situation a week before this event. In general, the price follows its usual way, though sometimes a panic drop happens.

2) Mercury conjuncts GC. I did not find any correlation there. To make your own opinion, look at the pictures at the end of this article; 10 last conjunctions are shown there.

3) Venus conjuncts GC. It looks like we have some draw down 9 days before this event:


The price goes down 68 times against 54 ups. However this effect is not strong. In general, this conjunction shows upward tendency.

4) Mars conjuncts GC. The effect is very interesting. 

9 days before this event, the price shows upward movement. This uptrend continues till the 5th day before the event (43 up against 26 down):

Then (four days before this conjunction), the nervousness on the markets appears to grow and it causes the deep down. 

5) Jupiter conjuncts GC. The upward tendency before this event changes to a strong possible draw down. This effect appears two days after the culmination and continues for one week (11 down versus 4 up).


6) The effect of other planets is difficult to identify due to the lack of the available price history (I used the data only after the year 1885). So no conclusions can be made.

Just for your information, see how Pluto conjuncting the CG has worked for the last year:

7) The Moon conjuncts GC, there is no effect found.


8) Occultations of the planets. The occultation is a seldom event; it takes place when the conjunction of two celestial bodies occurs by longitude and latitude as well. At this moment we can see both bodies very close to each other on the sky. Due to the big latitude of Galactic Center, this conjunction happens:

a) to Venus and Mars only;

b) the closest distance to GC that can be reached by these planets is 1 degree.

It has happened to Mars in 1954:

I used the orb of 3 degrees for Mars's occultation, Within available data, this phenomenon has happened 6 times. Two times (of these 6) it has happened just before a huge drop on the market. See the charts of all 6 in the Appendix 2.

It is interesting that one of these six Mars's occultations with GC took place just 10 days before September 11, 2001:

  Venus occultation with GC (orb 3 degrees) happens once in 8 years. The next will be in 2013:

The effect of this phenomenon on the stock market is not remarkable.


Appendix 1: Mercury conjuncts GC




Appendix 2:Mars occultation  GC (orb 3 degrees)