Charting tools. More info about this issue see here

As any technical analysis program, Timing Solution provides you a big collection of charting tools. You will find there Fibonacci retracements, Andrews pitchfork and its different variations, trend lines, support/resistance lines, Fibonacci ellipses, Gann fans and many other things.

In addition to that, Timing Solution provides unique charting tools like planetary equidistant lines:

These vertical lines correspond to changes of Mercury-Earth heliocentric angle by steps of 620 degrees. You can apply any planetary combination here and any angle. 

You can also perform the simplest cyclical analysis like this:



Here you can see a superposition of 25 and 31.5 trading days cycles with four harmonics: 

Another kind of charting tools allows to search similarities in price patterns. Suppose you have decided that the current price chart (June, 2009) resembles the price chart in January 2003. Is it true or not?  With Timing Solution you can check this statement quickly. Use "Price chart slice" charting tool; it overlays the price chart January 2003 on top of your current price chart. You simply use your mouse dragging this piece of the price chart:


Below are examples of some charting tools.

This is a free ellipse:

a spiral:

and its variation:


4 dimensional cube:

There are many other charting tools in the program.