Dominant astro cycles. This module of Timing Solution software allows to consider astronomical cycles from a totally different point of view. All other modules look at astro based cycles as some never changing, constant entity. In other words, when speaking about the Annual cycle (which is the Sun astro cycle), we discuss either a typical September drop or Christmas rally. We assume that astro cycles always work the same way.

Dominant Astro Cycles module does not assume any constant pattern for any astro cycle. This module simply looks for the period of time when a cycle in question has had some impact on the stock market behavior. In this module we assume that the behavior pattern  of astro cycles may be slightly or totally different now than at some other time. As an example, the Annual cycle now may work totally different than ten years ago. This module adds a dynamic component to a traditional idea of astro cycles.

This is a typical diagram that shows a planetary activity in time:


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