Key Chart Similarity. The idea of this module is very simple. We collect the dates related to some type of events in the stock market activity (for example, for the research of a possibility of a market crash you should consider October 1929, September 2008 etc). The program analyzes all these events and searches for similar astro signatures for these events. If such astro factors are found, the program takes them as fundamental events and makes a forecast in regards to these events.

This is an example of how this technique works. We input three major drops for Dow (October 1929, October 1987 and September 2008). The program has analyzed the charts for these events and has found the most typical astrological signatures for these events. Here they are:

Now, having this information, we can construct "risky index" to forecast dangerous zones (when a lot of things in the stock market activity resemble 1929, 1987 and 2008 years). Here it is:

This approach needs much more research.

Here you can find more information about this module: