Universal Language of Events (ULE) 

This module allows to create more advanced models analyzing everything that occurs in time and researching the effect of these phenomena on the stock market. It is based on our special technology of events description and recording. Here are some examples:

Look at the calculated periods when Mercury was retrograde:

Knowing these periods and comparing them to the market data. you may calculate a kind of "retrograde  indicator": it will show how many planets are retrograde at any given moment. The higher the diagram, the more planets are retrograde at that moment:


Or you may create another "astro indicator" like this one that shows how the transiting Sun conjuncts the midpoints between transiting planets. The higher the diagram, the more midpoints are hit by the transiting Sun:


There are other examples as well. Take as an ULE event "Venus gravitation force":

or the tidal force:

or the moments when the planets culminate (this event may be applied for intraday data):

or other astro indicators like Ganue, Barbot, Berg, Index of Cyclical variations:

All these sample models can be applied later for analysis of any financial instrument of your choice. If the correlation is found, you can make a future projection of the model in regards to your financial instrument.


Our software does more complicated things, and it does it very fast. It takes you just a couple of seconds to generate a projection line based on non-standard wave forms. For example, see below the projection line based on "triangular" wave forms. The Spectrum module provides the information on the strongest cycles while ULE module performs a huge amount of operations adjusting these triangle waves (three major waves in the bottom part of the chart below) to your financial instrument. This huge job is done within seconds by a small amount of mouse clicks:


Any phenomenon can be calculated and estimated in regards to its effect on the stock market. And you can easily do it with Timing Solution. For example, somebody says that the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn affects Dow Jones Index in some specific way. Instead of debates - should you believe it or not, - you can check this information in a moment by running the Efficiency Test module for this aspect. Here it is:

It shows that a week after the culmination of this aspect the price tends to go down: 74 times down versus 48 times up (the control group shows 54 down versus 68 up, Chi square=7.4, probability=99.3%)

There are now more than 50 categories of ULE events in total, and this list is constantly growing.