Ameri Trade datafeed

Downloading Available
Real Time No available

To downloading AmeriTrade financial data follow these steps:


Installation and downloading

1) Unpack and run this file.

Type the path where Timing Solution has been installed:

For example, if you install Timing Solution into this directory c:\Program Files\TimingSolution - you should type this path.

2) After installation in Timing Solution folder you will find this shortcut "Install AmeriTrade datafeed":


Click  shortcut to activate Ameri Trade library.


3) Run Timing Solution, click "Download price history" button:

Click there "More" button:

The menu item "from AmeriTrade" should be enabled.


4)  Now you can download the price history through "Ameri Trade" any time:

Step #1) type login information, i.e. Username and password and click "Step #1: Login" button. If this information is correct in "Status" panels you should get this:

Step #2) type your financial instrument you want to download and click "Step #2 Download price" button:



if price downloaded OK you should get information like this:

Step #3) Click "Step #3 Save price into file" button



1) First of all check that these files are available in Timing Solution directory:

2) Try to run  Install_AmeriTrade.exe file once again:


3) In Timing Solution folder click "Ameri Trade Test" shortcut:

4) Type login information and check status information, if this information is correct it should display this:


5) Type symbol and click "Download price" button. If this symbol is correct you should get this information: