Fundamentals: Democrat/Republican and they application

Here are two different Annual cycles. The red one is calculated for DJI from 1885 taking into account the periods when Republicans have been in power, i.e. Republican Annual cycle. The same way I have calculated Democrat Annual cycle (the blue line).

As you see they are different. I marked the moments when Dow switched from one cycle to another.

Now let me show how to calculate these projection lines in Timing Solution.

In ULE module, there is a new event in Fundamentals section.
You can display the periods when Democrats/Republicans were in power.
Like this:
I recommend to set "as Diagram" option OFF to make the picture more convenient for you.
There is one interesting application of this technique proposed by some TS user: we can calculate a composite diagram for different political periods.
For example: download the Dow from 1885 year and calculate the Annual cycle using not the whole price history, but the price history for the periods when Republicans were in power.
In order to do this:
1) run the "Astronomy" module
2) click "Context" button:
3) in ULE Editor -> Fundamentals -> Choose "Republicans in power".

 21 August 2008