Timing Solution: SDI interface


Timing Solution software supports single device interface (SDI). It means that the program allows to download one price chart only. At that point Timing Solution software differs  from Technical Analysis software like Trader Station, Metastock etc. (these program use MDI - multi device interface). This is because our main goal is a projection line and the verification of that projection line. To solve this task, we have to open many different windows that analyze the price chart using different math techniques. Multi device interface software is concentrated mostly on providing data for many financial instruments at the same time, with light analysis techniques added. Oppose to that, Timing Solution explores many analytical techniques at the same time for a chosen financial instrument.

This is an example of how the typical screen of Timing Solution looks like:



Here four modules are run at the same time. Each of these modules has many parameters to vary; it is necessary to increase a forecasting ability of projection lines generated by these modules. All these modules are very complicated, practically each of them works as a stand alone program that analyzes the stock market from a different point of view.