Downloading Metastock data


Firstly I would like you to remind you how to download the Metastock data file into Timing Solution software.

Open standard download window; there you should choose the folder where Metastock data is stored. Do that by double clicking on the folder. If the data is correct, the "MetaStok Format" tab will be marked by red arrow; otherwise it will be grayed:



Now click "MetaStock Format" tab, and you will see the symbols in this folder. Choose a symbol you need to download and  click "Load" button:




If after choosing the folder with MetaStock data the "MetaStock Format" tab is still grayed, do this: 

Troubleshooting #1

Please check that files EMASTER and MASTER files are present in the folder with your Metastock data:

These are index files with information about available symbols. Metastock itself can work without these index files, but for third party software they are required.


Troubleshooting #2

Please check the files in your folder. If you will find four files there ~MSFL.* delete them:

As I understand, this is the way how Metastock prevents the conflict situation when the same file is used by several programs (two programs try to modify one and the same file). So, before opening Metastock folder, these files (if they exist) should be deleted. Otherwise the access to Metastock symbols is blocked. 

Troubleshooting #3

There was one case (as I remember, with Tadawul stocks) when we could not read Metastock files until it was found that you should have Administrative permission. In other words, if Metastock symbols are still not available, try to run Timing Solution as Administrator (right mouse click on TS icon and in popup menu choose "As Administrator").

I hope it helps.