"Out of system resources" and "Out of memory" problem


If running Timing Solution software you will get "Out of system resources" message like this:



or "Out of memory" message, it means that your computer is busy and you have to make "life of your computer easier".


The first reason is that it may be not enough RAM memory on your computer (hardware problem)  or some applications "eats" too many RAM.

The new computers now usually have 8GB RAM, sometimes 12, 16 MB. This is more than enough for running TS.  


For example, running Timing Solution and downloading Dow since 1885, it will take 250 MB (i.e. 0.25GB) of RAM

Composite module + 44MB

Spectrum + 12MB

Turbo Cycle module + 18MB

Neural Network with 400 inputs  +60MB

i.e. totally this application will consume less than 500MB of RAM, you can run this application even having 1GB (=1000MB) RAM.


To check your computer capabilities, you can run "Task Manager" program. In order to do that click Ctrl-Alt-Delete and choose "Task Manager" item. Here you can see how many RAM "eats" Timing Solution:



You see, Timing Solution here uses 411.8 MB of RAM and totally all applications use 20% of RAM available on your computer.


I recommend to check the last parameter, % of used RAM.


Also I recommend to check all applications that are active on your computer. It looks like there is one more restriction inside Windows that is not related with RAM. When too many applications run on your computer, some modules may be disappeared, this phenomenon is explained in this troubleshooting article: http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/no_trouble/windows_system.htm