Windows 10 - problem with vanishing windows


When you run Timing Solution (or any other software) under Windows 10 this problem appears:


I upgraded my laptop over the weekend to Windows 10.  Everything seems to be running fine -with one exception. (Please note that I use Primo with all recent updates)

When I minimize the Planetary Lines configuration window, I do NOT see a minimized tab as Robert Rundle displayed in a previous post. I don't see anything, anywhere to bring back the minimized box.  I can however click the "Show Window" icon on the right side of the screen to bring the window up again.

With the Horizontal Ephemeris window - I'm not as lucky.  The minimized tab is no where to be found (again) - and the "Show Window" icon does NOT bring the window up.


There are two solution of this problem:


1) Solution to vanishing window problem.....

I right clicked the TS desktop icon and went to Properties
Selected Compatibility tab
Placed a check in the box for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"

It works!


2) Follow menu "Help&Maintenance" -> "Open Minimized module":



you will see all minimized modules and you can open any of them:


Special thanks to Chuck Geller for helping to resolve this issue.