Swiss Ephemeris in Timing Solution


First of all we do not provide Swiss ephemeris with Timing Solution. However, it is possible to work with them - if they are already installed on your computer, separately or as a part of some other software.

What Swiss ephemeris can help you with?

1) Accuracy in planetary position's calculations. This is not so important because Timing Solution uses its own ephemeris that provide you the accuracy up to several seconds of arc, it is practically enough.

2) Calculate the additional asteroids. This is the reason why Swiss Ephemeris may be needed. Timing Solution's ephemeris include 5 major asteroids. If you need more for your analysis, you need to use both programs together.  

3) Calculate the additional objects like: fixed stars, Galactic center, uranian hypothetical planets (Cupido,Hades,Zeus,Kronos,Appolon,Admetos,Vulkanus,Poseidon), transplutonian planets (Isis,Nibiru,Harrington), planetary nodes, midpoints etc.

Let's start.

Run Extended version of Timing Solution (it is available in Advanced version only):

Open "Options":

and follow this:


Click this button:


****************** IMPORTANT NOTICE ********************************

If operating system on your computer is Vista you need run Timing Solution "As Administrator", this way:


otherwise Vista will block the program when you click "Find Directory" button.


Next several minutes the program scans your computer and displays all directories where the Swiss ephemeris might be installed.

Choose any of them clicking these buttons:

Close this window. Now  you can use Swiss ephemeris together with Timing Solution.

Say you would like to use the asteroid "Fortuna" in your research. In order to do that you should add to the list of additional objects. Open "Customize Objects" window:


Click here:

Before starting any work with asteroids, the program should check the asteroids that are available in your Swiss ephemeris directory. Click this button:

The program displays all asteroids that are available in your library (it is necessary to do this only once; when you run the program next time, these asteroids will be available):


Highlighting "Fortuna" asteroid and clicking button, you will put it into the list of additional objects. I used "A" glyph to designate this asteroid.

Now this asteroid is available in ULE editor:

You can include it into any of your formulas.