e-Signal data feeed


To download price history using eSignal data feed service, follow these steps:

#1 Run e-Signal Data Manager

Click here to run Timing Solution data manager:


You will get this dialog box:


Click there "Data manager" button to run e-Signal service.  Wait several second while the program will run e-Signal software.

If everything is OK (your e-Signal account is correct), you will get this prompt:


It means that now e-Signal service is available for you together with Timing Solution software. Now you can close this window, you do not need it anymore.


BTW, you can also run e-Signal Data Manager this way:


and follow this:



#2 Downloading price history

To download the price history click the standard button:


Now the new button is available there:



Click it and input there all necessary information - symbol, bar, amount of bars: 


Click OK. In several seconds you will get the price history.

#3 Updating price history

There is another possibility there.  If you have downloaded already the price history and need only to update it, click this button:


#4 Real time streaming

To run or stop real time streaming follow these steps:



or another way you can click this fast access button in the bottom of Main window :


Remember, features update and possibility to use real time buttons ("Active/Non active") is enabled only after the downloading price history. In other words, before any updates or running real time streaming, you should download price history data.