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The modern astrology still keeps and uses cornerstone meanings of ancient astrology. There is such a thing as Essential Dignities of the planets. The whole Zodiac is divided on equal or non equal segments (depending on the type of the dignity). As an example, the Face division corresponds to the division of Zodiac onto 36 equal segments (10 degrees each), while for Terms the length of a segment varies between 3-8 degrees.

Each segment is associated to some planet; this is the ruler of this segment. The other planet moving through this segment is in some relation to the ruler of the segment. The relationship can be neutral, friendly or stressful for the traveling planet. You can read more about that here: http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Study/astrological_cycle_overview/index.htm

In Timing Solution you can calculate and apply these phenomena in several ways:

1) "Tools"->"Phenomena"

For example let us calculate the position of Mercury in different Egyptian terms (i.e. ruled by different planets):


You will get this diagram with different zones:

BTW. when any planet (Mercury in our example) is located in its own term (the term ruled by Mercury), it is a beneficial position for that planet (in other words, here the planetary qualities are at their fullest - no matter how you may feel about that)..

2) You can also use these phenomena in ULE module. 

As an example, calculate the moments when the Sun is located in Ptolemy Terms ruled by Mars:


Sun-Sun means the Sun's position. With this module, you can analyze more advanced combinations like the angle between the Sun and Jupiter:


However, as to my knowledge, the classic Astrology does not analyze the aspects between the planets in this manner. 


3) Also you can use these events for Neural Network or Bradley analysis or Upcoming Events module. The explanation is here: http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Study/astrological_cycle_overview/index.htm

It is called there "Rules/Detriments/Terms/Faces":