In Mundo


In Mundo is a special type of Zodiac. It shows planetary positions in transiting houses. Due to its definition, any transit planet passes all 12 transiting houses during a day; therefore, this Zodiac reflects the daily (diurnal) planetary movement: rise - (Asc, first house), culmination -(MC), set -(Dsc) and anti culmination (IC). 

In Mundo Zodiac position in Aries corresponds to the first house, Cancer - the fourth house, Libra - the seventh house, Capricorn - the tenth house. 

This is how In Mundo Zodiac looks like:

The interesting feature is: all planets move backward in this Zodiac.  I.e.  when the Sun rises (conjuncts with Asc), it leaves the first house and enters the twelfth house. At noon it reaches the culmination (conjuncts with MC) and enters the ninth house etc.

Transit Sun makes the full cycle in 24 hours. Other planets have a period close to 24 hours. The Moon's period in In Mundo Zodiac is 25 hours.

In Mundo Zodiac is a good tool to identify daily (diurnal) cycle and it does not require too much data (several months of data are enough for the analysis). 

This is a sample how to make a composite for the Sun position in In Mundo Zodiac:


The composite shows the price movement in respect to the Sun's position in transit houses and its rise/culmination/set/anti culmination moments: