Duads and their Terms - pars pro toto

Now it's about one year that I am working with duads and their terms in my trading. I want to show one of the many opportunities they give when used in trading environment.

Astrology is a method that is derived from astronomy measures. Astronomy counts in years and millions of years. It will be quite difficult to use these time frames during trades that last hours, minutes or even seconds. One method to overcome this is to measure motion of faster moving orbs like Moon or Mercury and view them from a geocentric world. An other way is to introduce things like Ascendant, satellites, etc. Also it is possible to track even the smallest motion of planetary orbs and this is what terms and duads are used for in this trading method.

Terms refer to an essential dignity in which unequal segments of every astrological sign have internal rulerships which affect the power and integrity of each planet wandering thru the signs of a zodiac.
Each sign is divided into five different segments which have their own term rulers.

Duads divide each sign of the zodiac into 12 sub-periods (i. e. a mini zodiac for each sign). The first sub-period of each sign is the same as the sign itself. All following sub-peridos are in their natural order.
For instance the twelve duads of Aquarius are Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, ..., Capricorn. As Duads are signs on a mini zodiac, they can also be divided into terms which, too, have their own rulerships.

My general concept is to observe market during a smaller time frame and transfer its behavior to a larger time frame. In this example we observe Moons motion thru the zodiac. But the principles shown for Moon also apply the same way to any other planetary orb.
Well, let's load the components. First open a chart (here E-Mini future of last week). Then we track motion of Moon thru Terms of Zodiac:
  1. open the Phenomena module
  2. select "Terms/Faces/Dec/Degrees/Duads"
  3. further select "Egyptian Terms"
  4. in this example we only track motion of Moon
  5. Calculate

Next we need to get the motion of Moon thru the duads:

And finally we calculate the smallest motion of Moon in its terms by duads:

This should give you a chart looking like this:

What is the difference between Egyptian and Ptolemy Terms? As the name mentions, Egyptian Terms were determined by the Egyptian sages and are older than Ptolemy Terms. Ptolemy modified them probably because of astronomical measurements. His terms were adopted by medivial astrologers and are still in use in modern times. The final dicision which one to choose is up to you. I took Egyptian Terms simply because they fit better to current market conditions.

Next I look for situations where Moon moves thru terms of duads which are ruled by the same planet as when Moon is moving thru either Classic Duads or Egyptian Terms at the same time. The first situation  on this chart is at 19. Feb. in the evening. Moon moves thru a term of duads ruled by Mercury. At the same time Moon is moving thru terms also ruled by Mercury. Then, later on 20th Feb.  Moon moves thru a term of duad ruled by Mercury and at the same time is moving thru a Duad ruled by Mercury. In below screen shot I highlighted these situations.

I assume that the market of the smallest period (which is "Terms of Duads") will behave the same like on one of the larger periods with the same ruler in play. If it is strong trending in "Terms of Duads" it will also be strong trending in either "Classic Duads" or "Egyptian Terms". If it is choppy on the small frame, it will be choppy on the larger frame, too. Note the opening price at the start of "Terms of Duads" as well as the closing price at the end of it. If price has fallen consider bearish trading ideas only as long as the larger period lasts, and vice-verse, choose only bullish ideas if price increased during the shorter frame.

You can see that I don't need to dig deep thru the history of charts to figure out these opportunities. However, for this method yields a wide field of empirical results I'd encourage you to take time and experiment with these terms, duads and their terms on your own. Also try other planetary orbs like Mercury, Ascendant, ...

Please allow me to mention one person who has developed a highly sophisticated trading system based on terms, duads and their rulers. It's Jonathan Pearl. He is a financial astrologer. To find him thru the net you might google for "Pearl Quicktrader".

Feb. 26th, 2009
Christoph Meissner