Tidal force, Sunspot activity and Geomagnetic activity

"It is difficult to find a black cat in the dark room especially if there is no cat in this room" 


Here I would like to explain briefly the most known physical phenomena connecting the Earth and extra terrestrial bodies. 

I feel that it is necessary to do. I hope this will reduce the questions such as what somebody does with Moon tidal force etc. Timing Solution deals with real physical phenomena only. I am willing to learn something new, and for that I would consider only serious sources of information.  

Moon and planets Tidal force

Imagine that you are a scientist and you conduct this experiment. You measure how the Moon attracts your pen while you are sitting in your office. I mean here the gravity, the gravitational attraction. Your office  is located on the 18th floor. Then you do the same experiment in the lobby. When you compare the results, you may find that these forces are different.  Why is it so? Because the distance to the Moon from your office and from the lobby is different. True this difference is very small; however it produces a huge impact on the Earth.

The most known effect of this force is rise and fall of the sea level with respect to the land. This is why this gravitational force of the Moon has a special name of "tidal force"

This effect is not a privilege of the Moon only. Any body in the Universe has it. And it is different for different bodies. It can have a really huge impact. As an example, the tidal force of the Black Hole is tremendous. If your pen would be put not far from the Black Hole, the difference between the gravitational force that affects two sides of your pen is so huge that it simply destroys the pen. The tidal force around the Black Hole destroys all bodies, only atoms can exist there.

There is a hypothesis that tidal forces (of the Moon and other bodies) affect the stock market. Remember that this is just an idea; no mechanics of the process is yet described and proven. Timing Solution is able to calculate these forces. How to do that?

For your convenience, if you work with intraday data, you can calculate diurnal tidal forces through ULE module. You can find this item in standard events library:


This is how it looks together with intraday Dow:


here is the bigger scale:

The most influence is caused by the Moon and the Sun tidal force, the effect of other planets is practically zero.

Also pay attention that the maximum of tidal force's effect correspond to the Moon culminations and anti culminations:



Geomagnetic activity

There is another phenomenon used sometimes to forecast. It is Geomagnetic activity. Scientists measure it directly, they use some indexes. The most used index is K index, This index shows the disturbance in the horizontal component of the Earth magnetic field. Usually they use 3 hours interval to estimate this index.

This index looks very chaotic. See it here (Kp3 index):


the bigger scale:


This index varies in range 0-9. The value 5 and higher corresponds to the geomagnetic storm.

It is very interesting to know how the Sun's activity affects the Earth magnetic field. See this article about this issue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomagnetic_storm

The Sun's activity affects the Earth ionosphere with the lag of 1-2 days, and this effect lasts 1-2 days after that. 


Sunspot activity

This sunspot activity is the magnetic activity on the Sun's surface. The places on the Sun's surface where this activity is high are visible as dark spots (due to the lower temperature).

The most significant feature of sunspot activity is the existence of  the 12-year cycle:



the smaller scale:


There is one interesting fact related to the sunspot activity. It was very low in the second part of 17th century. This period is called Maunder Minimum (1645-1715). It coincides with Little Ice Age, it was period of weather cooling.