Forecast Horizon


While downloading the price history, pay attention to Forecast Horizon option here:



Also when you save your work in Timing Solution Worksheet, the program asks Forecast Horizon as well:



What is that? This is simply the amount of  bars after the last available price bar used for calculating the forecast. The program does not use anything inside this Forecast Horizon:


What you will see there, in Forecast Horizon, is the result produced by the program.

In other words, if you download daily Dow Jones data with the last available price bar as of June 3, 2009 and set Forecast Horizon to 500 (i.e. 2 years), the program will use data till June 3, 2009 to forecast the price movement for two years ahead starting from that day, June 3, 2009, and ending in June 2011.

If you work with intraday data, make sure that the program calculates the Forecast Horizon according to trade hours set by you.