Tables in Timing Solution

  1. Introduction
  2. Fast start for busy peoples
  3. Do it yourself: Simple events list
  4. Do it yourself: Multiple events list
  5. Upcoming events: forecast calendar



The question is how to create the list of astrological events similar to this: one 

or like this:

or a calendar of all events (aspects, ingresses, midpoints, direct/retrograde), like this:


or this calendar that shows the statistical information regarding how these phenomena affect the stock market (green - upward, red -downward):


You can do all these tables very easily with Timing Solution software.


Fast start for busy people

We have prepared several models for you that help to create those tables very quickly. As an example, let say that you need to create the list of Midpoints culminations.

Run Timing Solution and follow these steps:



Run Library of Events:

In "Calendar templates" choose:


Wait a bit while the program does the calculations. Type the file name where to save your work, like this:

In several seconds you will get this calendar:


Next day you  can browse this calendar running TS Calendar as a stand alone program through "Timing Solution" folder:

and open your "My midpoints list" file here:


Do it yourself: Simple events list

Click this button:

and define here the time interval (TMin, TMax):


 location and time zone:

Pay attention, this way you set both time zones (winter/summer correction) and location: 


You can define your own location/time zone following these steps:


If you plan to use the transiting Moon in your calculations, better set tick 2 hours.



Now click this button to run ULE Model Editor (or follow menu: "View"->"ULE Models Editor"):

Suppose you need to calculate the Ptolemy aspects for all planets without the Moon.

Set these parameters there:

Do not forget to set "Find culmination of the aspect".

After calculation you will have two options:

Option #1: Save your results as Timing Solution Calendar.

Click this button:


You will save the results of calculations into TS Calendar file (extension *.ts_ics) and program will run the calendar automatically:


You can run TS Calendar (a stand alone program) and browse your files created earlier. The explanation regarding TS Calendar is here:

You can send this table to you friends (*.ts_ics file).

Option #2:  It is possible  to save the results as a text or Excel file.

After calculations click "Document designer" button:


You will get the list of culminations. Click "Report" button:



Important: if you save this file and plan to browse it later using Notepad, Word or any other program, do not forget to set AlmaFont font to see the astrological symbols.

Usually you can do it following these steps:

1) select the whole text (Ctrl-A);

2) go to Format->Font...

and choose AlmaFont there:


If you save your work as Excel file, you get the table like this:


Do it yourself: Multiple events list

In previous example we have created a list of aspects culminations. Now let's create more detailed table with aspects, ingresses, direct/retrograde and midpoints.

Let's create events "PLANETS->INGRESS". Fill out this form:


Clicking "+" button you will add this event to events list. Don't forget

Next event is "PLANETS CHANGE DIRECTION (DIRECT or RETROGRADE)". Follow these steps:

Then do the same for the last event, MIDPOINTS:


Click "Calculate". After clicking "Calendar" button you get a calendar like this:




The same manner you can create a list of other events like:

Mercury crosses Ecliptic (i.e. geocentric latitude=0)



Mercury crosses Ecliptic from South to North hemisphere

Mercury crosses Equator (declination=0)

You can also use this module to generate different tables. For example: you need to calculate the angle difference between Mercury and Mars.

Set these parameters:

You will get this table in Document Designer:


Upcoming events: forecast calendar

In "Upcoming Events" module you can create the calendar clicking this button:

This table shows different phenomena and how they affect the stock market: