Working with dominant astro cycles module


I would recommend to run  dominant astro cycles module once in several months.

This is the latest result (October 30, 2101) calculated for DJI:



You see the Mars cycle is becoming stronger, especially it is strong in the year 2010.

Now you can calculate the projection line based on Mars cycle: set ON on Mars and click this button:


Here the teal line represents how Mars cycle works now:



I recommend to vary the amount of overtones to see this projection line in details:


I would like to show my research of Great Financial  Crisis in respect to dominant astro cycles. I have analyzed planetary phases; this is how this diagram looks:


You see Mercury phase cycle was the most strong cycle during the hardest time (mid. 2008 - beginning 2009). This is not surprising as we discuss "Financial" Crisis and Mercury represents money.

After that Venus cycle has been involved, and now it is time for Mars cycle.


To compare this crisis with something in the past, look at the planetary portrait of the Great Depression of the year 1929:


It seems that Venus was the main player during this period.