Digest January 13, 2011 (forecast horizon, rising planet ULE event)


Forecast Horizon

Anytime when you create  forecast models based on auto regression or price bar proportions you should remember that these models have LIMITED forecast horizon.

 If you use some standard solution, this horizon is mentioned there:

For models with limited horizon in the Neural Network module, this horizon is shown by a colored bar:



Beyond this horizon (a colored bar) the forecast is not available. These models allow to make a forecast for several bars ahead, and it cannot be prolonged further. This is a restriction of these models.


Planets rise, culminate, set, anti culminate ULE events

To create this kind of an event, you should download intraday data and create these events using these standard criteria: 


or using Standard Events Library:


Remember (and this is important) that for this type of events in ULE IN Mundo Zodiac is used:



As an example, please see the settings for the Moon rising:


It means that we are recording the event of the Moon ingressing Pisces in Mundo; it is the same thing as the ingress of the transiting Moon into 12th transiting house. Is this correct? Why not the first house?

This is correct - 12th house. All planets In Mundo move backwards. In other words they pass the first house, after that the twelfth house, after that eleventh house etc.

Thus the planet crosses horizon when it LEAVES THE FIRST HOUSE AND INGRESSES THE TWELFTH HOUSE.

Also do not forget that planets rising are not the same as planets' conjunction with the Ascendant. This issue is explained here  http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Study/Parallax/index.htm  see Planets in Houses section.