Multiple Time Zones


Suppose your exchange is NYSE, i.e. you download the price history that is provided by NYSE. When you download the price history, do not forget to set Exchange Location clicking this button:



The program will set the history of time changes (summer and winter time) and New York City coordinates:


This is important because we need to know Universal Time to do the astronomical calculations properly.


Now when you analyze different astronomical/astrological phenomena, all theses events will be tied to New York location, like the Sun rise in the example below:

Pay attention, the program always points local time in left part of bottom information panel.

Suppose you live in Sydney and prefer to display the information below using Sydney time, follow these steps:


You see, the time scale will be updated and you can watch all these events in Sydney time:



All astro based events are tied with New York location here. You see that the Sun rises 11:23PM. This is correct -in New York on December 30 the Sun has risen at 11:23PM of Sydney time.

You can even create a more complicated construction: using data streaming tied to NYSE, you can tie astro events to some other location. I think this is a bit crazy idea, but it is possible to do that.

For example: as always clicking "Exchange Location" you set time changes and clicking "Atlas" button set some specific location.

For example you can download the price history from NYSE but tie all astro events to Sydney:



Now program will show the Sun rise in Sydney: