How to remove old version of Timing Solution Basic and install Timing Solution Advanced (Windows 7)


Step #1: open Control Panel



Step #2: click "Programs"


Step #3: click "Programs and Features"



Step #4: wait a bit and highlight "Timing Solution Basic" item (or "Timing Solution Advanced" if you want to delete Advanced version), click RIGHT mouse button and choose "Uninstall" item:


Step #5:  confirm your decision clicking "Yes":



Step #6 (not mandatory): for sure you can remove the whole c:\TimingSolution\ directory


Step #7: go to website  follow "User Area" there and click this link:


Step #8: click "Open" button:


Step #9: double click here


Step #10: click "Allow" to allow install Timing Solution:


Step #11: click all "Next" button to install program:


Step #12: After installation you should find "Timing Solution Advanced" shortcut in "Timing Solution" folder: