Templates in Timing Solution


Suppose you work with some financial instrument X, and you have created a set of forecasting models for this instrument.

As an example, for this instrument I used Composite module to reveal astro cycles and Turbo cycles module to reveal dominant cycles. This is what I have got:


You may want to do that, too. If you find the results good enough for your purposes, you may want to apply exactly the same models, with the same parameters, but for some other financial instrument, Y.

You can just repeat the whole process - if you remember your settings and the sequence of your steps. Is there a way to speed up this process? Yes, there is. I suggest you to use templates.

How to do that?

It is really easy with Timing Solution. Start with saving your models as a regular worksheet file. Let say, it will be mytemplate.wts file:


Now download the data for another financial instrument Y, just its price history:


Then download your mytemplate.wts file as a template, this way:

All these models will be applied for your financial instrument Y.