How To Create a Long Term Forecast Using Composite

a) recommended financial instruments: Forex and commodity

I choose Forex and commodity because they have the largest continuous data. I don't know how one can effectively do this for stocks which trade mostly 8hrs in a day, if a cycle you are following and its effect is not known for the rest of 12-16hrs, how is the system going to give you reliable forecast ?

b) recommended bar - 1 hour

If you choose EOD data, then you will be largely using larger cycles and they will have margin of error in many days which is good mainly for big institutional investors who look only at a very large trend and give lots of room for things to play and to confirm. Also EOD data, you have only 365 bars in a year so you need so much  more data compared to 24* 260 bars for a year for 1hr data. Continuous Intra-day data helps to study the effect of full cycle much better. A retail trader like me or Gabriella trading on a forecast using EOD is not suited or you should have a very different trading plan and tolerance and your evaluation of correctness of forecast should be if trend was right over few weeks or over month, not that today I was expecting UP and it was DOWN.

Choosing astro cycles Variant #1

Step #1

Set Learning Border Cursor (LBC) several months before the last price bar:


and run Composite module clicking the button:


Step #2



Step #3

Set these parameters for autoselection:




Step #4 


Step #5

Preview each cycle and delete not working/chaotic cycles. In order to do that, highlight each cycle one by one and click this button:



The program will put this cycle (Moon-Jupiter in our example) into Composite module, and you may view the projection line based on this cycle in the Main screen:




To verify the importance of this astro cycle, you can use Forecast ability criterion clicking  button. This criterion is explained in this class:

Non important cycles should be removed by clicking “-“ button:



Choosing astro cycles Variant #2

You can also choose astro cycles another way:

Set LBC to the last price bar clicking this button:


In autoselection choose one of these options:



The program picks up the astro cycles with positive forecast ability. The first option   chooses the cycles that give positive correlation within one period while  option employs more restricted criterion for choosing astro cycles.


Optimizing astro cycles


Whatever way of cycles’ selection you prefer, when the selection is done, follow the steps below.

Step #6





Step #7



Step #8 


 Step #9



Step #10


Step #11


Step #12