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Any piece of the software is provided with the electronic key. There are three versions of the software available now:

Please see here the comparison of Timing Solution versions.

Ordering the software

It is easy to order any of Timing Solution products. Choose one from the list and click on PayPal Payment button. (You have no need to open a PayPal account if you do not have one. However, owning a PayPal account makes the process of payment more simple and convenient to you; it's fast, free and secure.)

If you are buying Timing Solution Advanced or Timing Solution Primo, you may choose to pay the full price of the software at once or by monthly installments ("Subscribe" buttons). For installments, PayPal will charge your account/credit card monthly. Your personal and credit card information is secured on PayPal-hosted payment pages. After clicking on the selected button, follow the instructions. Sales tax will be added automatically where it is applicable:

Product Price Pay At Once Pay By Installments (details below)

Timing Solution Primo


$110 per month (total of 6 installments)

Timing Solution Pattern Recognition


Timing Solution Advanced

(Pattern Recognition included)


$240US per month (total of 10 installments)

Upgrade from Primo to Advanced

(Pattern Recognition included)


For other payment options click here.

What happens after you bought the program


All registered users of Timing Solution can access the upgrading system through User Area. These upgrades are free of charge. They include fixing errors and improving the interface as well as some (not all) new techniques. The information about the latest upgrade is published on TS Yahoo Group. The user may download the advertised upgrade at any time of user's convenience. It is an important part of the software because the program is growing and changing all the time as we add new techniques and improve the old ones constantly.

Please be advised that these regular upgrades differ significantly from the upgrades done for Terra Incognita project (Terra Incognita upgrades are also advertised on TS Group; more information about the project is here).


Any registered user of Timing Solution can be a member of Timing Solution Group. The group is very active; we answer there questions related to the usage of the software and introduce new methods and techniques.

You will receive the invitation letter to join TS Group after purchasing the software, together with the information regarding how to download the program.

Operating System: Windows XP or higher
RAM: 2GB and More
Disk Space: 1.5GB

Timing Solution is a Windows-based application. Click here if you are using a Mac or other Apple Products

If you have any questions, please look here.