Buy Timing Solution

Buying Timing Solution

How to buy the software

There are two versions of the software: Timing Solution Primo and Timing Solution Advanced. TS Advanced comes with One Year Free subscription to Terra Incognita experimental modules. Also, there is a stand-alone program, TS Pattern Recognition.

TS Primo and TS Advanced versions can be purchased either via one time payment or by a series of installments. The conditions for buying TS Advanced with Terra Incognita modules are described here.


One time payment


  • Learn Timing Solution Basic Abilities
  • Create your own projection line for forecast
  • Use Math and Astro cycles for cyclical analysis


One time payment


  • Create your own projection line for forecast
  • All forecast techniques available
  • Neural Networks and Walk Forward Analysis Available
  • 1 year Terra Subscription

Upgrade to TS Advanced

One time payment


  • Unlock all the features available in TS Advanced
  • Neural Networks and Walk Forward Analysis Available
  • 1 year Terra Subscription

You can now purchase the program with your Credit Card through Stripe. Currently this feature is only available for One Time Payments.

We are actively working on implementing this feature for all types of payments and it will be available soon.

You can compare different TS versions here.

We do not have a refund policy. All sales are final.

To purchase the software, simply click on the Paypal link for the option of your choice. Please do not forget to fill the form with your preferred UserName and other info (it will be used to create your access to User Area)

PayPal is the preferred method of payment, however, other payment options are also available here.


Unsure if Timing Solution is right for you? Try the Demo Version for free! It shows all modules of TS Advanced (without Terra Incognita experimental modules). You can request the demo here.

Instructions After the Purchase

Installation Instructions

After your payment is processed by PayPal, you will receive a PayPal notification email that confirms the payment. Then you will receive an email with instructions how to install Timing Solution software. If your payment was made within business hours, it may take just a few minutes before getting these instructions; however, in rare cases it may take up to three business days. If you have any concerns, contact us.


Timing Solution software has many features. Some of them are unique. Be ready to learn new materials. You will not be left alone. Please refer to Help page on this website. We have created Timing Solution Tutorials (it is recommended to start with Level 1 Tutorials). To quickly find the info regarding a specific feature or topic, try TS Knowledge Database. Do not forget to check useful Links and Videos recorded for you by Timing Solution team and contributing authors.


Along with the software, you will receive access to Timing Solution Group at Here you will be able to talk to other Timing Solution members about different ways to use the software and receive notices of latest TS updates.

System requirements


Operating System: Windows XP or higher
RAM: 2GB and More
Disk Space: 1.5GB

Timing Solution is a Windows-based application. Click here if you are using a Mac or other Apple Products

If you have any questions, please contact us.