To insert pictures into your documents/e-mails, you can use this freeware. It is called Printkey2000.exe

Download it here: Printkey2000.exe


Run this program. You will see on the bottom of your computer screen, on the system tray, this icon:

Click it.

You will get this:


Let’s install the parameters to use. In the Options, choose “Define Hotkeys”:


There define Hotkeys for “Get Rectangular Area:


I defined it as Ctrl+Shift+F11.

Close this program (it is mandatory).


Now, let us work with it.

Let’s say we would like to copy a part of our screen.

Click on Ctrl+Shift+F11. You will see a cursor shaped as a cross. Move the cursor to the beginning of your future image, press the left mouse button and drag the mouse to the end of the image.

You will get the window to see the captured image:


You can save this image (click “Save”) or put it into your clipboard (“Copy”).

The recommended formats to save are *.jpg and *.gif.


Then you can insert this image into your e-mail, any document etc. in a usual way.


Also I recommend a very good program to catch the pictures, Snag IT:

Its price is $40 USD.

Its best feature is that you can edit pictures (as I do in my e-mails).