Phenomena module


This module allows to display practically all astrological phenomena related with planetary position. To run this module follow "Tools"->"Phenomena" menu or click this button:

After that you will get this window, choose phenomena you need to calculate and click "Calculate" button:


In this example I will calculate planetary position for Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn  in Tropical Zodiac:

Thus you can see these zones together with price chart.

To see exact ingress dates I recommend to set Prolong option to "On":


Try different options there to display different tables. For example choosing "Planet Direct/Retrograde" you can display direct and retrograde zones:


Planetary positions in different faces:


Sun or any other planet is located in faces ruled by Venus, Mercury etc.



Duads (modern and classical), Terms (Egyptian and Ptolemy):


Planetary phases:


For intraday data Moon position in degrees of Zodiac:


Planetary position in Mundo Zodiac (transiting planets in transiting houses):


You can create your own intervals like this (divide Zodiac on 93 equal sectors):