Precise ephemeris for charting tools

To use astro based charting tools (like planetary equidistant lines or planetary bars) for INTRADY data, special ephemeris module has been developed.

The advantage of these ephemeris is: they allow to use all planets (even slow planets) for intraday data. As an example, you can calculate Jupiter planetary equidistant lines with 1 minute step(!):

This module works extremely fast (this is critical for charting tools), plus this version generates more precise ephemeris. Thus you can apply these charting tools for intraday data where the parallax and aberration issues are extremely important. See more about parallax and aberration here:

This module (precise ephemeris) is available in Advanced version only.

How does it work? When you download the intraday price history, the program switches to precise ephemeris automatically. Meanwhile if you download daily, weekly and monthly data, the program uses the standard ephemeris (no parallax and aberration). The accuracy of standard ephemeris is enough for daily data, while for intraday data you need more accuracy.

Before using precise ephemeris, the program generates special file and displays this window:

It performs this procedure once only. When you run the program next time, it will use previously created ephemeris. 

Also if you would like to use another exchange location, the program will create precise ephemeris for this location as well. Therefore, you can use as many exchange locations as you need. The program creates precise ephemeris file for each location.

The time interval covered by precise ephemeris is 1999-2015 yy. I will prolong it in the future though not now - it is due to computer memory issues.

The standard (not precise) ephemeris cover the interval 1885-2030 yy; remember that these ephemeris do not allow to use parallax and aberration.