Upgrade September 10, 2005

Planetary/Cyclic waves


Changes in Timing Solution Styles

The parameters for styles have been changed. The table that shows correspondence between models + styles in respect to financial instruments to be forecasted is on its way. 

Please note that sometimes, when you create  the astronomy based model using permanent cycles, the program  does not provide the projection line. It means that available price history is not enough to reveal permanent astronomical cycles.


New Zigzag based indicators

New indicators are added. The explanation is here: http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Uphistory/Advance/index.htm#Zigzag


Planetary/Cyclic waves

In the module of revealing the astronomical cycles, it is possible now to create the planetary wave produced by any astronomical cycle. Here is the example:

Choose Sun-Mars cycle and click on the "wave" button; you will see how this astronomical cycle affects the price:

Parameters to vary:

1) The amount of overtones: 

Using just 1overtone, you get this kind of sin wave, without any details: 

The more overtones, the more details you can see inside this wave. 

2) Another parameter to vary is the algorithm to calculate this wave. Set it this way:

Thus, you take into account all available price data to calculate this wave. Otherwise we use only %x last cycles (stock memory parameter). 

Also, you can highlight all calculated astronomical cycles and create the waves for each one of them:


The same technique is available in Spectrum module. Now we can calculate the wave for any fixed cycle.

Look at this example:

265.6 days cycle is extracted. Click on the "wave" button to calculate the wave for this cycle.


Try these things; they allow to get the improved forecasts.

Sergey Tarassov

September 10, 2005

Toronto, Canada