Upgrade July 17, 2005

Fast working astronomy based model

This upgrade includes some techniques that lead in a way of creating the multiframe technology. In general, this technology will give us the ability to answer the questions regarding the size of price history data necessary for getting the forecast. As I see it now, it will work this way: we take 20 years of price history, and the program automatically explores all price waves with the maximum period 5 years (this is just for an example). However, for short price history data (like 5 years data for some new stock), the program will look for 6-months period waves. In other words, we will look for the cycles/waves/swings that are compatible to the available price data. It will make the user's life easier as there will be just a few parameters to take care of, and the majority of work will be done by the program. It means a lot of work for me...

Anyways, let's look at the improved astronomy based model. 

The first thing you notice after downloading this upgrade is that the new module (that provides the job of the previous Composite module) works at least a hundred times faster than it has done before. The name of this module (and the window) is "Revealing Astro Cycles".

How to use this module?

Download your data and click on "Calculate". Choose there this menu item:

You will get this window:

Click here on "Calculate" button. The program will look for the most influential cycles for your stock/futures/etc. It will take just a few SECONDS!!!

And you will know what planetary cycles might work for your stock.

The program will run the Neural Net module and automatically download the FAM model based on those cycles:

You will have to do just this: train the Neural Net. You will get the projection line automatically. This is a sample of what I have got for Dow Jones index:

Remember the inversion effect here (that we get from time to time with the astro models).

As I have mentioned, this is just one of the steps in creating a multiframe technology for timing. It will be definitely continued.

July 17, 2005

Sergey Tarassov

Toronto, Canada