Upgrade August 17, 2006

Advanced Astrological Techniques Module

This module is available here:


It is possible now to see the astrological situation for any chosen moment. Click the left mouse button somewhere on the price chart, and the program immediately recalculates the chosen prediction techniques for the chosen moment of time:


Going through the drop down menu, you can see the chart corresponding to different prediction techniques of your choice.

Here the Progressed chart is displayed:



You can choose Zodiac type and Harmonics number here.

The program is able to deal with almost 50 different prediction techniques. The list of these techniques appears when you click on this button . There you may select the set of techniques that you prefer to work with. For example, you like to work with simple transits, Progressions 1y=1d, Tertiary and Solar Arc techniques.

Click “Techniques” button. Check there the techniques that you want. You may get this:




Here the mentioned above astrological techniques are chosen. For each technique, you can set astrological objects, aspects to watch, orb and type of the aspect (like progressed – Natal and progressed – progressed aspects).


When you did it, all these chosen techniques are available in the upper drop down menu:


Going through this menu, you will be able to see the corresponding charts, for the moment that you have selected already. For example, click on “Tertiary”. You will see it on the screen.


The program marks applying and separating aspects by different colors:


You can double click on any aspect



and get the diagram that shows the dynamic of this aspect.

This is the whole history of the chosen Tertiary Neptune – trine – Natal Moon aspect:




You see the all stages of this aspect: when this aspect starts, how it grows from being applying, then culminating, separating, applying again (because of the retrograde motion), etc., till its end.


The same way you can see how Tertiary planets move. Look at Tertiary Mercury:





This button  allows setting the chosen techniques “as default”.


And these buttons  help to “scan” the situation. You may change transit time and watch how the astrological “weather” changes.


Also, there is a possibility to make this window transparent: