Economy demystified

by Alexandr Mirolubov

The long anticipated economy recovery is still a goal to be achieved. TV and newspapers use different methods trying to keep a population optimistic and make investors to invest their money not in gold but somewhere else. It is not easy to find the information that adequately reflects the real status of the economy in different countries. However, there are a lot of indirect tips that can help to do that. See below what I have found by the simple way of googling. Have fun!

This is what I have got asking Google about "get job in US":

I have made a diagram of the number of people doing the same search by Google (using Google statistics window). The interest to this topic - "getting a job in US" has increased twice.

The similar picture appears if we ask about getting a job worldwide:

People want jobs, people need jobs, - and we see a confirmation to it looking at the number of searches for "traveling in/to US":

That the crisis is a finance crisis may be indirectly confirmed by the number of searches for "pawn" (US):

And for a dessert: try Google for "shoe repair". I have got US SHOE REPAIR INDEX. Why not to make options for it and create some ticker - like $SRI?


March 2, 2011