Sergey Tarasov

 Sergey is the owner, developer and brain behind Timing Solution software.

 Education: Sergey was always fascinated by Mathematics. He begun his studies in mathematics in the specialized high school (Internat #18, Moscow) that was recruiting students all over Russia looking for talents in mathematics and physics.The school is known under the name of its creator, Andrey Kolmogorov, the Soviet mathematician who made significant contributions to the modern mathematics, including probability theory, complex computations and algorithmic information theory and more.  The opportunity to meet this great Russian mind and the atmosphere in the school assisted Sergey in choosing his path in life. He completed his education by gratuating from the Moscow Physics and Technology Institute (MPTI, or PhysTech) in 1982 (Master of Science and Applied Mathematics).

Science: Since 1982 untill 2006, Sergey Tarasov worked at the Institute of Nuclear Research (INR), Russian Academy of Science. His main focus was the forecast of ongoing processes. He has written dozens of papers, some together with his coworkers; the publications can be found in different scientific magazines of the time. One of the software packages developed by Sergey, in cooperation with researchers, relates to 3D forecast of possible multipactor discharge in accelerating structures; it has been in use in CERN, FermiLab and other leading nuclear research facilities in USA and Europe.

Finance: In early 1980s, aside from his official profession, Sergey was introduced to astrology by a friend. As a result, he developed Almagest (1989), the astrological software package. For years it was the leading program in the Russian market (and still is). He also did some research testing different astrological ideas. The search for consistent data for testing ended in the field of financial astrology. It was the year 1995, and some of Sergey's friends found a new field of activity , brought by a new economic reality of the post-Soviet Russia: trading. It was a good chance for Sergey to apply his knowledge and experience to the task of forecasting future market movements. In 1995 Sergey has met Alphee Lavoie (AIR Software, USA). Since then they have been working together. Many software programs were developed then; they are sold in the United States and throughout the world. Among these programs, there is Market Trader software - an attempt to apply astro knowledge to the stock market. 

In 2005, Sergey has started a new project of his own, Timing Solution. Its appearance was inevitable: the actors on the financial markets, aside of fundamental factors, relied mostly on technical analysis, classical cyclical analysis (sometimes) and less on exotic methods (such as astrology). Many vendors supplied "magic tools" promising quick profits. There was a need in a software package that would be able to evaluate different concepts in regard to their ability to forecast future market moves. This is exactly what Timing Solution does. It is a unique combination of well-known methods of the past and the most advanced techniques discussed in academic circles nowadays. The software is focused on providing projections of possible market moves and their verification. Timing Solution addresses some popular methods and provides many new techniques based on the results of market research conducted as a part of Timing Solution's special initiative, Terra Incognita project. New techniques suitable for the stock market were developed for Timing Solution - such as Object Oriented Neural Network, Q-Spectrum, the application of Wavelet technology to astro cycles, Intemarket Analysis and other.

Timing Solution software has now supporters in many countries all over the world.


Family and Hobbies: In 2000 Sergey has moved to Canada. He lives in Greater Toronto Area with his family (grown-up children and a grandchild). When his main computer is resting, Sergey loves to travel, making photos and riding a bicycle or flying drones.

You may see here some photoes made by Sergey.