Forecast for Dow Jones

� Timing Solution     April  5, 2009 




This is  the astro based  forecast for Dow





From the other side, the program has found that this period (December 2008 - April 2009) is the most similar to 1929-1930 years.


Here are two price charts: black - current price chart, red - price chart for 1929-1930:




To have a full picture regarding the current situation, here is another the most similar chart; it refers to years 2002-2003 (red curve):







Explanation regarding astro model


This model is based on four astro cycles: Annual, Venus synodic, Mars synodic and  Jupiter heliocentric   cycles. 

To understand how this model really works (and separate forecasting from dicing) I provide a brief and very simplified backtesting for this model.


These charts show how this projection line has worked in the past (red - relative price oscillator with period 100 days,  blue -projection line); the price history for these intervals has not used to calculate this projection line. In other words the future leaks are excluded. This technology is explained here.


Years 2005-2009: