Timing Solution in 120 minutes

fast introduction to Timing Solution software

Timing Solution is the program designed to generate and verify the projection line. In other words, using this software you can really forecast the future.  Here you will find practically everything that allows to solve this hardest task which is stock market forecasting. Besides Timing Solution is a universal platform that allows to incorporate new forecasting techniques and  verify them. It is a constantly growing system, and all Timing Solution users can confirm this.

In this set of articles I will explain the main Timing Solution approaches as brief and easy as it is possible. It consists of several small articles, each of them will take 5-25 minutes of your time.

What Timing Solution does and how to start (5 minutes)

Downloading price chart, screen manipulations, worksheets, updating price history, real time (10 minutes)

"Smart"charting tools in Timing Solution (5 minutes) 

Non future leaks technology (5 minutes)

Forecast based on fixed cycles (25 minutes)

Forecast based on astronomical cycles (20 minutes)

ULE - Universal Language of Event (20 minutes) 

Universal forecast = Universal Language of Events + Neural Network (20 minutes)

Turning Points Analyzer (10 minutes)

Many useful things (astronomical, astrological techniques)