Links - This is the website of my friend and astrology teacher Alphee Lavoie. This site is devoted to financial and classical astrology. We have created together many pieces of first-class software.

Historical financial data collection

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All over the world:

  • Olga Morales, professional astrologer and Gann trader. Here you can find an independent online study course, specifically designed to teach basic to more advanced astrological techniques. The courses follow an easy step-by-step format with audio/visual tutorials produced on DVD. In the comfort of your own home, you will now have access to progressive, comprehensive and practical tools to short-cut your learning and enhance your trading. These courses are designed specifically for those interested in Gann Trading and Financial Astrology
  • blog and YouTube channel  by Gabriella Mittelman. Gabriella does market analysis applying different tools available in Timing Solution software, and more. You may want to study Financial Astrology course with her and/or sign up for Gabriella's weekly report.

  • Sacred Science Institute specializes in advanced Gann courses and research materials with over 100 books and courses on technical and Gann analysis and ver 500 books on the background research behind market science. They primarily focus upon the science behind Gann's Law of Vibration as developed by Dr. Jerome Baumring and expanded by Dr. Lorrie Bennet. Further information can be found at

  • Country based:

    Timing Solution in Russia: Ask Ramil Khalikov to find the best product for you. He also can help you learning how to work with Timing Solution.

    Germany:  and YouTube channel This is the website of Henning P.Schafer in Germany

    Timing Solution in China: JL Timing Research conducts research on the financial markets in different dimensions. It is a professional team of experts in fundamental analysis, technical analysis including a market timing specialist and professional astrologer. Here you can get training, seminars and research reports for institutional and retail clients in Chinese:

    Israel: This is the website of Alon Avramson.

  • Indonesia: PT Astronacci International, a company founded by Gema Goeyardi. Astronacci provides market timing forecast using the Astrology and Fibonacci for brokerages, asset management companies, and hedge funds. See more about Astronacci services here:


  • This is the website of Bill Meridian. You will find here everything about cycles research in finance.

  • videos by Emad (Arabic)

  • This is the website of Tim Bost. Tim offers a Home Study Course in Basic Stock Market Astrology, provides coaching and consulting services to astro-traders, and has published a market letter, FinancialCyclesWeekly, since 1988.

  • This is the website of Yuri Shramenko. This site fulfills the needs of those who want to make trading their primary source of income.

  • This is website of Larry Pesavento.

  • Market Timing Digest, the world-wide platform for Financial Astrology, by Irma Schogt ©

  • First trade charts


  • Useful info sites and Information

  • asset_class_return_1920_2009

  •  Financial Forecast Center

  • Turtle Trader

  • A lot of useful Links

  • tutorial for financial mathematic

  • a lot of free books

  • Market profile presentation

  • Interesting Articles

  • Moving averages with formula http://www.linnsoft .com/tour/techind/movAvg.htm

  • Evolution of moving averages

  • 27 day variation in F2, layer critical frequencies at Huancayo by Julius Bartels

  • On the Bartels technique for time-series analysis, and it's relations to the analysis of variance

  • Geomagnetic Storms and the Stock Market

  • Cycles, resonances, synchronizations

  • Global temperature 2400 BC 2040 AD

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    jTWSdata Data files updated real-time with Interactive Brokers

    Open Source Software for Downloading Free Historical Quotes from Yahoo, Google and QuoteMedia 

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