Mini Class - Index of Cyclical Variation


This index shows the balance of waxing  and waning aspects between the planets. We all know about waxing and waning Moon phases; waxing occurs when the phases increase (from the New Moon till the Full Moon) while waning phases decrease (the Full Moon through the New Moon).

The same way we can define the phase for any planetary pair. This shows the balance between waxing and waning planetary aspects. You can define it here:


See how it looks together with the Dow Jones price chart:



Though it does not explain all DJI movements, it is still useful.

I believe this index is very interesting for long term forecast. I calculated this index in Heliocentric coordinates (1) to exclude Annual movements taking into account slow planets only (2):

See how this long term index looks together with monthly Dow:



and in the past:



Here I used the reconstructed monthly price history for Dow from 1789 year provided by Bill Meridian.

Also I recommend Neural Network models based on waxing waning events

21 August 2008