Creating list on Natal charts in Timing Solution


Multi-Search module allows you to make analysis not only for one chart at a time, but for the list of Natal charts

The question is: how to create your own list of Natal charts. For this purpose I recommend to create the Excel file with Natal charts information.

This is a sample of the content of this Excel file:


The first column here represents the chart's name. DO NOT USE COMMA SYMBOL IN THE NAME OF THE NATAL CHART.

Second column is the date; its format is Month/Day/Year

Next column is the time (military style). It follows by latitude and longitude coordinates of the location for this chart.

The last column shows the time zone; in the example above the time zone is 11 hours East, i.e. the difference between the time of the Natal chart and Greenwich time is 11hours East.


For example, for Sydney location we have these changes in Time Zone:

5 Apr 2009 10.0 E
4 Oct 2009 11.0 E
4 Apr 2010 10.0 E
3 Oct 2010 11.0 E

It means that in November 1, 2009 we should use 11E Time Zone, while in June 1, 2010 use 10E Time Zone. Take care of that because it depends on the location.

Here is the example of this Excel file: example.csv


When all these steps are done, save this file in *.CSV format (Comma delimited):


After that, this *.CSV file is available in Multi-Search module: