Adding new asteroids to Swiss ephemeris module


First of all, Swiss Ephemeris software should be installed on your computer, we do not provide it. If these ephemeris are installed on your computer, you can use them with Timing Solution.

Here you can find the information about how to link Timing Solution to Swiss Ephemeris:

If you need to activate newly discovered asteroids and make them available in Timing Solution, follow these steps:

Step #1: Find out the number of the asteroid that you want to install on your computer. For example, if you want to install Eris, find out the number of this dwarf planet. This information can be found on Wikipedia website:


You see the number of this asteroid is 136199

Step #2:  Check the directory where Swiss Ephemeris are installed on your computer. You can do it following this path: Options->Astronomy; click Swiss ephemeris button there:

In this example I put Swiss Ephemeris files into c:\TimingSolution\Swiss\ directory


Step #3: Now go to AstroDienst website  and find Ephemeris page there. There is a section there, Download Area ftp:



go to ephe directory:


there is ast136 directory there, open this folder


ast136 directory contains the information about objects with numbers 136000..136999.


Here are the files that you need, s136199.se1 and s136199s.se1 files, the information about Eris is stored in these files: 


Copy these two files to the directory where you have installed Swiss Ephemeris files, in our example this is c:\TimingSolution\Swiss\ directory

The easiest way to do that is make RIGHT mouse click on these files and point the directory to save these file (c:\TimingSolution\Swiss\ directory in our example):



Sometimes there is only one file.

Step #4: The last step you have to do is run Timing Solution software, follow Options->Customize Objects and click "Asteroids List" button there:


Type there the number (136199) of your asteroid and hit "Add" button:



Now Eris dwarf planet is available, and you can use it everywhere: