Dominant Astro Cycles module

 Timing Solution Advanced upgrade July, 2010

This module in Timing Solution allows to consider astronomical cycles from a totally different point of view. In all modules discussed previously we have considered the astro based cycles as some constant entity. In other words, when speaking about the Annual cycle (which is the Sun astro cycle) we discussed either the typical September drop or Christmas rally. We assumed that the astro cycles always work the same way.

Dominant Astro Cycles module does not assume some constant pattern for any astro cycle. This module simply looks for the period of time when this cycle has some impact on stock market behavior. The behavior pattern  of astro cycles may be totally different now; as an example the Annual cycle now may work totally different than ten years ago. In general, both modules start with the definition of the cycle to be considered. Then, usually the program looks for the pattern for that cycle and creates models based on these patterns. While in the Dominant Astro Cycles module, there is no need to look for these patterns; the program simply looks for the time when some particular cycle was active in regards to the stock market activity. 

Let's start to work with this new module. After downloading price history (better daily data) run "Advanced"->"Dominant Astro Cycles" module and click "Calculate" button there:

In a moment you will get this diagram:

You see the bunch of stripes  there, each planet has its own horizontal colored stripe. The meaning of the colors is this: the blue color means that this cycle has no impact on the stock market behavior, while the bright red regions represent the time periods when this cycle correlates highly to the price movement.

Thus for the Sun (=Annual)  we have these periods when this cycle has been especially strong:


Be advised that behavior patterns of these cycles are different at different time spans. and the red stripes simply represent the moments when the market behavior is described very well by the planetary cycle.

How to use this information?

First of all pay attention to the most resent strong astro cycle (i.e. watch red stripes). For example  now Mars cycle becomes being very strong, while during the Great Financial Crisis the cycles of inner planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus) have played the main roles on the stock market field (from the end of 2007 to the end of the year 2010, though now (July 2010) Mars cycle is strong) :


Second, try to find some historical analogy, for example upcoming Mars cycle sends us to the years 1998, 2002 and 2004; check what was happening to the stock market at these years:



Third, you can calculate the projection line based on the most resent dominant cycles. Simply define here the cycles you want to take into account (Mars in our example) and click this button:

In a moment you will get this projection line based on Mars dominant cycle:

Try to include the Sun cycle (which always strong practically for all markets), and you will get this projection line based on two dominant astro cycles, the Sun and Mars:

I recommend to vary these two parameters, Stock Market Memory (SM) and the amount of overtones:

The first parameter (SM) indicates how long cycles live; you can find more about stock market memory here:  The more overtones you use the more detailed projection line you get.

Also try to play with different Zodiacs: geocentric, heliocentric and planetary phases.