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  • How does upcoming 2006 Saturn-Neptune opposition impacts the stock market?
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  • I can't find my way to generate a printable list of dates and times when the outer planets (Mars and out) reach their maximum, zero and minimum declinations.  Do you have a quick link that would explain how to do this?
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  • I need a software that that look into the history of a stock and that extracts the major cycle(s) to reproduce into the future?
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  • I need a software that looks into the history of a stock and extracts the planets aspects that were here during major highs and lows even when not having a natal chart. Can Timing Solution do that?
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  • What Relative Price Oscillator is more preferable?
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  • I can't reproduce my results. I have been running an RPO of 1,50,50, a NN training value of 15,000. When I run the same model a second time I get different results i.e the projection curve is different.
  • I got good projection line but when the Neural Net trained more the result becomes worse.
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  • What artifacts we may face providing the Efficiency Test? Why do we need control groups?
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  • Why it does not show the projection line?
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  • ... in the Simple Strategy charts the arrow points down, the text describes an "up". What is wrong?
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  • How to use the correlation coefficient?
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  • When I look at Composite I don’t know where I am (present time) on the x axis unless I am looking at Sun Geo where I can quickly figure it out on my own.  Could you create a way to display the present time on Composite so that one could easily see if an Active Zone is imminent?  I suppose there are some difficulties with this as retrograde planets could “back in to an Active Zone.”
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  • How to work with targets in the Composite module?
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  • Smooth orb in Composite Module
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  • How to use Harmonics orb in Composite module
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  • The “upcoming event module” looks interesting, but let say I do not care about direction of the future move. I need to know if move of some degree is happening and the probability of the event (up or down is irrelevant). I also would like to now magnitude of largest adverse reaction. Is this possible? Is it possible to overlay results on the chart?
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  • How to define my own exchange location?
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