Timing Solution Guide: Level I

Basic techniques


In this set of articles I explain the main Timing Solution approaches as brief and easy as it is possible. It consists of several small articles, each of them will take10-30 minutes of your time.


Class/Video Module

What Timing Solution does and how to start


 Downloading price chart, screen manipulations, worksheets, updating price history, real time


Downloading financial, economical and other information through Internet (Yahoo, Quandl)


 "Smart" charting tools in Timing Solution - general class

Saga about trend line  - all about trend line

Precise Charting module - AUTOCAD for Market geometry - many example how to use charting tools with videos





 Non future leaks technology



  Composite module: forecast based on astronomical cycles




 Spectrum module: forecast based on fixed cycles and basis of cyclical theory


 Cyclical Analysis part 1

 Cyclical Analysis part 2


 ULE - Universal Language of Event




 Universal forecast = Universal Language of Events + Neural Network




 Turning Points Analyzer




 Many useful things (astronomical, astrological techniques)



Timing Solution interface logic