Drawing Equilateral Triangles Using Precise Charting in Timing Solution

written by Gerald Jaworski

October 6, 2014


Why bother?


Wouldn't it be great to have a quick and simple method to forecast turns in your market of choice? Maybe forecast turns in advance such as the following recent dates in the SP500? Simple geometric tools such as the equilateral triangle can potentially assist.



Step by step


1. You will need the Terra Incognito version of Timing Solution version 1 October 2014 or later.


2. Download the price data for whatever market you wish to trade (in this document SP500 is used as an example).


3. Select the TS Precise Charting Module under the TI menu ie




4. Some of the key options applicable to that module will be covered briefly in this document however it is recommended that you review the specific web based help pages such as :







5. If the time period you wish to work with is not visible, then select the "preview" and click/drag your mouse to highlight the desired area, ie




6. If the resulting area is too big to see on your screen, then use the scroll bars to view the desired segment ie






7. Before drawing the triangles, it is advisable to set the chart proportions so that the geometry "works" for the market that you are interested in. This is often a trial and error process and there are several ways to accelerate the process which are covered in detail elsewhere eg




As an example of one method available, simply draw a line connecting two points of a typical swing and then select that line in the list of draw tools and click on the "squaring" icon ie




The "squaring" icon will display a screen allowing several choices (also note the triangle options will be mentioned later) eg




8. The "Paper Grid" options will display the selected scale and also allow the user to set the scale manually ie




9. To draw a triangle, select the "Figures" icon and then the "Triangles" option ie




Click three times ie one for each point of the triangle in the desired location (TIP - use the swing high and low points for the first two anchors and approximate the third point) eg



10. In order to make the triangle an equilateral triangle, select the triangle in the list of draw objects and then select the "squaring" icon (as was shown above for the line tool) eg




Then select the desired triangle type from the choices which appear eg Triangle correction 60-60-60 (see screen shot above).



11. The following is a very basic quick example to illustrate the potential. It shows the triangles used to forecast the turn points illustrated in the first screen shot above. It is based on the S&P 500 as at 3 October 2014 (ie most recent prices when this was written). Look for potential price action around 3 November? (Note that the triangle point at 2 October may not be a valid turn point - it only looks like it could be using the data available at 3 October).




12. Note that this document does not constitute investment advice but is merely a brief outline of how to use certain tools in the Timing Solution software program.