Turbo Astro module


Turbo Astro  module is a very simple module that allows calculating quickly the projection line based on astronomical cycles. You can also calculate the projection line based on astronomical cycles through "Astronomy" module. However this new module allows to perform this task very quickly similar to Turbo Cycles http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Study/Turbo_Cycles/  module tat allows very fast calculation of the projection line based on dominant cycles. All "Turbo" modules in Timing Solution mean fast and easy version of possibilities presented in other modules of the software.

Let's start. Download some price history. As an example, I chose S&P500. Then click "Advanced"->"Turbo Astro". In an instant, you will get Annual cycle (the Sun cycle) for S&P index:


Now calculate another astro cycle that may affect S&P. Let it be  Mars synodic cycle (the period of this cycle is a bit more than 2 years).

Uncheck Seasonal Cycle and set ON for Mars Synodic item. You immediately get the projection line based on Mars synodic cycle:


Set ON for Seasonal Cycle and Mars Synodic to receive the projection line based on these two cycles:


Include Mercury synodic cycle in the same manner. The projection line becomes more detailed:


Going further, try to calculate the committee for this projection line. The committee allows  to see several variants  of the same projection lines. (More about committee technique is here: http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Mini/12/index.htm )

To calculate committee you need to do just two mouse clicks:


Easy and effective! Isn't it?

Now the main question: how to pick up astro cycles? What cycles are important and what cycles are not important?

I recommend to run Spectrum module, the peaks on spectrogram correspond to the strongest cycles presented in S&P500 price history.

Just watch the period of astro cycles and choose only those that have peaks APPROXIMATELY on the same period:


Like here the spectrogram shows the peak on 752 days cycle, while we have Mars synodic cycle with period 780 days. The astronomical cycles are irregular, so the small discrepancy between periods revealed by the spectrogram and actual astronomical periods is quite possible.

BTW I forgot to include 584 days Venus synodic cycle; try to do it yourself. This cycle works very often for different financial instruments.

Finally go to Options:

and play with these parameters:

  - color legend for committee;

  enable/disable projection lines in committee (SM means "stock memory";  see here: http://www.timingsolution.com/TS/Mini/47/index.htm )

amount of overtones and minimal period for the overtone. More overtones means the more detailed projection line, and more noise as well.

That's it!