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Timing Solution road map

This section has information for new users. We believe that you will learn software abilities quickly and will use it effectively if you follow these steps. Start with Timing Solution Guide, then go through other articles and classes from the list below.

Timing Solution guide

Level I: Basic techniques - covers basic techniques and skills: downloading and upgrading price charts, real time, screen manipulations, charting tools like Fibonacci, Gann angles, Andrew pitchfork etc. Basics of cyclical analysis, understanding a spectrogram, revealing the most important cycles and calculating the projection line based on these cycles. Revealing astronomical cycles and generating the projection line based on these cycles. ULE -Universal language of events. Neural Network forecast. Many useful techniques like planetary lines, astrological techniques, phenomena module, upcoming events, ephemeris module, creating Timing Solution calendars

Level II: Applications Many new users are confused by abundance of available techniques. Here you will find the description of the most workable techniques. You will be able not only to create the projection line, you will learn how to verify it. We update these classes from time to time while the new techniques are developed.

Level III: Timing Solution in progress covers more advanced approach and many experimental techniques

Historical data formats and available data feeds in Timing Solution (Yahoo,eSignal,MetaTrader,Interactice Brokers,Ameri Trade)

Weekly Classes

       We received many questions regarding cycles and cyclical theory. Here Timing Solution's approach to this matter is explained:
Overview of  cyclical models  

Useful tools for TS users



Timing Solution Yahoo Group (it is only for Timing Solution users):

Knowledge Data Base

It is an automated Help System. Activate it from the website, "???" tab. There you can find the information from TS website related to a module of the program or to any stock market related issue. Type in a small window a key word and click on "Search" button. You will have a list of articles available on the website and related to your enquiry:





Those who just have downloaded the Demo version may get some impression regarding software abilities. We recommend starting with this instruction: "Demo version companion"  

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